Wednesday, 3 June 2015

PlainStitch Weekly Picks : Unicorns & Mushrooms.

Working in a fabric shop all day surrounded by so many gorgeous new fabrics all the time, Claire and I just can;t resist the (daily!) urge to make little bundles of fabric choices....

We've decided to give ourselves permission to play with fabric, and give you the chance to benefit from our picks!

Each week Claire or I will choose a PlainStitch Pick. A mixture of 5 FQ that we just LOVE together....think of it as a project starter.....a little perfect project bundle for a rainy day...a great work in waiting.

Each bundle will be £15, a saving on the usual FQ cost and will be available all week, or until a new fabric urge strikes us and we have to make a new pick!

We'll post the PlainStitch Pick here on the blog, on our facebook page, on instagram and on twitter....just drop us a note or pop in if you'd like us to save you a bundle.

This week we are loving Teal and Mustard..

Art Gallery Fantasia Unicorn Fable
Art Gallery Fnatasia Agaricus Forest Water
Art Gallery Bous Trail
Cloud Nine Elizabeth Olwen Wildwood
Cotton + Steel Basic Crosses  Mustard