Thursday, 18 October 2012

Modern Applique at the Seaside

This post is just a gratuitous photo opp for my Modern Applique Quilt that I am teaching after Xmas. I have been trying to get a good pic of this lovely quilt to make my posters for the class.

Last weekend we had a lovely stay at the north Norfolk coast so I took the opportunity to give this quilt a blow in the wind and gets its picture taken! There were a LOT of out takes from this very gusty east coast photo shoot! Thank you to my very patient, if slightly bemused brother and sister-in-law!

 My poster is now completed so expect to see it start appearing on a notice board near you over the half term break. Drop me an e mail as usual if you'd like to make this quilt along with us, the class will begin at the end of January - I'd better hurry up and start hand quilting it - ummm I'm just about ready to hunker down now for the long winter evenings with a big hand quilting project to slowly work through ready for these very zingy springy flowers to woo you all again just as spring starts to sprung!