Friday, 22 May 2015

When Life Gives You Lemons Sew Hexagons...

Sometimes life gives you lemons and it's hard to make lemonade, you know? I'm a sunny optimist under usual conditions but this week a confluence of a cold and life's buffeting had me down and out.

When I'm happy  - I sew. When I'm sad - I sew. This week I sewed and sewed and sewed. Now I feel much better. Thank you sewing x

I now have SOOOOO many WIP's on the go and I just don't know where to start! I thought i'd share some as i haven't written about my sewing for ages, but now there is *soooo* much of it I feel justified in filling a blog post with pics of my work instead of other peoples! I see so much amazing work come through the Workroom that I always want to pack the blog with pics of what everyone else did!


Inspired by my little foray 'behind the desk' as a student at Victoria's Embroidered Needlebooks class I decided to try my hand at a floral embroidered wreath. Vic suggested this one and I was away. I have *soooo* loved doing this! It's been very relaxing and I'm ridiculously proud of it. I decided to make it the centre of a Dresden Plate and now i'll hand quilt it, probably in one of these amazing perle colours and turn it into a cushion I think.

I couldn't resist hanging about in the doorway of the sell out 'You Are My Sunshine' Class last week and it was only a matter of time until I talked myself into having a crack at that pattern too..I've marked up the fabric and chosen my colours...woo hoo.

Last weekend in the pre coldy flu adrenaline rush I decided I couldn't wait another day for the hotly anticipated Heather Ross Tiger Lily fabric to arrive ( not due til August all, it's a long wait yet!), so i drafted up my own version of a pattern using equilateral triangles similar to the quilt that has been appearing in all their publicity by Carrie Along Quilts ( which we also have on order for August too!).

I dug out all my last bits and scraps of Heather Ross fabric that is almost at an end now after 3 children and 12 years. I added in all sorts of other favourite fabrics and started cutting and sewing. Sometimes this kind of 'quilt-in-a-day-sewing' is just what you need!

Today I was at the wholesalers who import the Heather Ross fabric and they very kindly gave me some little bits of Tiger Lily which I will have at the shop after half term. While I was there I picked out these lovely fabrics to go with my quilt - whoops - I mean to sell in the shop! The bunting is by Maude Asbury and the yellow frogs and the skinniest bolt of old Heather Ross that I found hidden under a pile of fabric bolts in the corner of their warehouse...I can literally sense that fabric nearby - It's my super power!

I also picked up a lovely bolt of the newest Flurry - except its a new reversy percy range ( not what its actually called, obviously) - very useful for appliqué backgrounds etc and a lovely teal colour - in the shop next week.

Another new fabric this week was this gorgeous range Cultivate by Bonnie Christine for Art Gallery Fabrics. This colour combo of teal,brown and mustard has been calling to me and I planned a quite complicated EPP project for the class that starts in a couple of weeks. In the end i decided to keep it simple and stick with lovely big hexi's. When life gives you lemons, make hexagon patchwork... I might get a T Shirt!

 We also had another lovely range Skopelos by Katerina Roccella and this fantastic chemistry equations fabric for anyone who has a sciencey person in their midst!

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