Deb's Quilts

I love to sew. I sew everyday. I've made a LOT of quilts. I'm a Contemporary Traditionalist. I love modern fabric but I value traditional patterns. Putting colours together is what makes me tick. I'm an old fashioned sewer. I value proper handiwork, of course I sew with a machine but I appliqué and quilt by hand. I like traditional methods, I make quilts I hope will be used for a 100 years or more. I'm a fan of Slow Sewing. I've been making quilts for over 20 years. I make a lot of quilts, I'm embarrassed to count how many I've made but I've so so many more I need to get out of my head. I love to gift a handmade quilt, what's nicer? I almost never make quilts to sell, there's a little bit of my soul in each one, and it just isn't what I sew for.

Here are a selection of my favourite quilts.....I hope you enjoy looking at them.

A Cool Calm Trip Around The World

Winter Geese in a Snowy Sky

The Arendelle Quilt

The Not So Simple Sampler

The Plus Quilt

The Dahlia Quilt

The Plus Quilt

The 'Wendover Remembers' Community Quilt we made for our small town ( Wendover in Buckinghamshire, UK) to commemorate the end of WW1 in 2018. It will be on display at the Festival of Quilts this August. Each poppy was made by, and has the initial embroidered by a child or senior person from our town. My sewing Bee made the central panel pieces.

Blush Trip Around The World Quilt

Deco Hexi Quilt

English Autumn Leaves Quilt

Heather Ross Bunting Quilt

The Arendelle Quilt

HoneyComb Hexes EPP Quilt

The First Farmers Wife Quilt.

Autumn Geese on a Crisp Sunny Day Quilt

Cricket Quilt 2014.

Norway Quilt

The Not So Simple Sampler

The Modern Sampler

The Swoon Quilt

The Bee in My Bonnet Quilt

Pony Girl Quilt

Improv Log Cabin

The Negative Space Log Cabin

Modern Applique 1 Quilt

The Atomic Appliqué Quilt

The Scandi Tray Quilt

Hexi Tele Quilt

The Scrappy Butterfly HST Quilt

Modern Baltimore Quilt

Peaches Quilt

The Apple Core Quilt

Hexi Rainbow Quilt

The I Love The Ile De Re Quilt

Patchwork Picnic Quilt

Vintage Baskets Quilt

The BollyWood Quilt

Eye Spy Heather Ross Quilt and Pillow

Alphabet Baby Quilt

Ship Ahoy Baby Quilt

Marthas Wrens Baby Quilt

Ring a Roses Baby Quilt

So many baby quilts!

Flutterby Baby Quilt

Green Grass Churn Dash Quilt

My First Sampler Quilt
Everyone starts somewhere....this is a link back to my first quilts. I've been blogging about my making for nearly 8 years now...this is an old selection of my first quilts....