Thursday, 7 May 2015

Sewing For The Soul

I love working at PlainStitch. It's such a joy to share the journey of creative discovery with all my lovely peeps . I get to show people how to master the basics in Simple Sampler and Get To Know Your Sewing Machine. They come back to the second Sampler class with their first blocks made and the pride and sense of achievement is fantastic. It's a warm and fuzzy moment for all! I watch the groups bond over their shared experience, then years later I watch firm friends and remember that they started their sewing journey, and their friendship, sewing a PlainStitch Simple Sampler.

This Saturday we are attending The Quilters Guild regional meeting which happens to be in Wendover this year. Lots of our PlainStitchers are coming along with their quilts to show and tell. I couldn't be prouder. We teach our students how to make a quilt, but not just one quilt...we teach them how to make their ideas real in fabric and stitches. I'm excited about sharing their fab work with the Quilters Guild.

This week we've all been obsessed with embroidery...our new Aurifloss threads are much in demand, and inspiring so much fantastic work.

I've been sewing Christmas you do in May!

Sue's been sewing up a patchwork fab!

Sometimes  finding a heart shaped froth on your hot choc is just the best x

This week we made pouches and zippered pencil cases

Penny taught us how to crochet

I made Xmas stockings...I know...I'm sorry... the urge just hit...I know it's May, really I do!

The Sewing Bee was an amazing morning of teamwork and productiveness....the poppy blocks are being made by kids at the Infant and Junior Schools in the village next month....they look fab, I can't wait. A huge thank you to everyone who donated fabric and helped to prep the pieces

Claire made an amazing embroidery based on her Nan's Button Tin Pattern and inspired by our popular Cotton+Steel arrows fabric.

This term we have 15 amazing new Simple Samplers taking's very exciting

Trying out new Aurifloss colours

Cute New! MouseCamp Fabric in the shop now!

Our shophop loot was won by Theresa .....lucky girl !

Our cushion class are making good progress on their cushion fronts

I've been puling some new fabric selections for upcoming projects I'm itching to get my teeth into

Top of my list is this fab crochet roll that Victoria is teaching as a class next month. You can adapt the pattern to hold knitting needles, crochet hooks, make up brushes or colouring pencils.