Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Embroidery Notions, Aurifloss, Bohin and Hardwicke Manor

As you know we're all a bit embroidery mad at The Workroom at the moment as Victoria's hand embroidery classes - Needle Books and You Are My Sunshine Embroidery Sampler - continues to inspire us all.

I'm a huge believer in using the best notions that you can, because if you're investing time and creative energy in making something by hand, you want it to be the best quality, to be a work of art and there's something so pleasing about the tactile feel of a fine sanded beechwood hoop or the sheen of the finest Egyptian cotton embroidery floss.

To this end we have carefully sourced our new range of embroidery supplies from all over the world to bring you the best of everything for your sewing.

Our floss is AuriFloss, its 100% Egyptian Long Staple Cotton on a wooden bobbin instead of the more typical skein. We love this floss. The colour range is fantastic, you get twice the amount on the wooden bobbin so no running out midway through a design, the wooden bobbin is a crafters dream as a 'left over'- so many lovely things you could do with that! 

Having the wooden bobbin makes 'thread management' so much easier - anyone who has managed to tangle their skein of  thread so dreadfully that you almost can't pull a length out, will know what I mean!

After the floss, the next most important thing is the needle in my book. We have sourced my favourite Bohin needles from France. They are super strong, super sharp and somehow make your stitches just that little bit more elegant.  We are stocking the size 24 Tapestry needles (orange) which are perfect for cross stitch,and the size 7 Embroidery needle (pink)

Speaking of elegance, these 3.5 inch classic Bohin  'heart' scissors are an heirloom buy, so elegant, proudly Made in France since 1833. They just have a lovely substantial feel, smooth, heavy and sharp at the point. Perfection x

You know I'm fussy about my quilting hoops,and embroidery hoops aren't any different for me...these are my favourite polished Beechwood Hardwicke Manor hoops, super smooth, a pleasure to hold and use.

If you are taking an embroidery class with us this spring, pop in and stock up....inspiration guaranteed in every spool...xx