Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Sewing Teenage Flippy Skirts in The Spring Sunshine

This Easter holiday is just a smorgasbord of fantastic sewing if you're 10 - 15 years old and want to learn to sew! We have kicked off our Miss Stitch Teens sewing programme in style, Fabulous Pyjamas last week, and look at this weeks Fantastic Flippy Skirts!

Tomorrow we make hairbands with Miss Stitch and on Saturday the much anticipated Free Motion Embroidery Teens class takes place..the first class back in the revamped  expanded Workroom.

Don't worry if you missed out this holiday ( the classes sold out in a flash) we have a full programme for May half term and our summer holiday teens sewing programme will be announced at the end of this month along with our Autumn schedule.

Val has been so impressed by the girls that have taken these classes, they're serious about learning as much as they can and they are dedicated to getting exactly the clothes that they want. Val and I love these classes. When you are a 'grown up' who loves to sew there is nothing better than watching that love of sewing igniting in the girls in your class.

There is something magical about watching them realise that actually the skirt that they have made is MORE lovely than one they can buy, it's more exactly what they wanted, its the colour they like, with the precise colour lining that they had imagined the perfect skirt to have, the length is completely up to them, the amount of's bespoke, unique and so much simpler than they thought...

Watching that realisation dawn in a 12 year old that they can take their pattern home....and make as many more skirts as they can find fabric that's what it's all about!

Val has taught a lot of girls to sew over the years and she inspired the girls with confidence that they can do it! Today's girls were aged 10 - 14 and most were relative newbies to the sewing machine, having taken our Get To Know Your Sewing Machine Teens class after Christmas.

We will be running another block of Get To Know Your Sewing Machine Teens classes in May half term and the summer so if you know a young person who would like to learn how to sew but isn't sure where to start this class is the perfect springboard.

We are really proud of the fact we have an increasing number of boys joining our Miss Stitch sewing school, inspired by the chaps cutting a sewing swathe through the Great British Sewing Bee this year and we really do encourage the lads to come and sew too. We're re running Pyjama Party in the summer and our pattern is suitable for either boys or girls to make their own PJ's.

Today the girls worked so hard, turning out amazing skirts, learning French Seams, Bagging Out, Making a Casing, Pattern Cutting and so much more...... 

If  our 10 - 15 year olds are anything to go by the Great British Sewing Bee contestants in around 2025 are going to be AMAZING! You saw them here first!