Saturday, 4 April 2015

Embroidered Needlebooks

I had a rare treat this morning when I got to be a 'student' at Victoria's Embroidered Needlebooks class. I love embroidery but I seldom make time to do any! This seemed like the perfect class for me. The opportunity to learn some new stitches and make a super useful needlebook at the same time, not to mention a morning of Victoria's super tasteful tuition...I've been looking forward to this class for weeks!

We had the option to work on a classic spool motif

Or browse so many lovely books for a different design.

There is something about the pure enjoyment of colour, when it comes to embroidery, that I just can't resist......yumm!

Victoria's embroidery is just so perfect and inspirational...can't wait for her next class...Embroidered Sampler in the Autumn. I really want to make this example if you missed out on this Beginners Embroidered Needlebooks class when it sold out overnight we will be running it again in the autumn.

Such lovely designs were chosen...this from Aneela Hooeys iconic 'Little Stitches' book...

I wanted to try a folk motif from my Pennsylvania Dutch Designs book which I always return back to!

Aurifil kindly sent us these lovely Aurifloss spools to try out. They were a huge hit so we will be stocking some in the shop soon. A really modern palette of 6 stranded cotton embroidery floss on a cute wooden spool and twice the length than you get with a standard skein and none of the nightmare tangles of thread that skeins always end me up in!

Victoria's eye for detail had us all making delicious 'insides' to our books too  - an opportunity to play with ribbons and favourite buttons and scalloped pinking sheers! What a fab way to spend a morning!!

This embroidery has my mind in overdrive for the possibilities of just embellishing favourite prints with hand embroidery?! Love this idea xx

Classic Lily of the Valley paired with this Skinny La Minx apple green mid century design inside the book. Perfect x

 The curly ears of the doggie and the flower and heart are perfect understated embroidery perfection in my book!

This hot pink Aurifil thread matched with a perfect ribbon were the colours of the day, so lovely on a linen background.

Happy Easter everyone....the Workroom reopens on Sat 11th April 10am- 1pm.