Friday, 20 February 2015

Ideas, Inspiration, Innovation

We love creativity. It's the fuel that PlainStitch runs on. I like nothing more than that insistent nagging feeling when a new idea is working itself out in my brain. When I have a new plan in mind it's a constant film running in the back of my brain. Any quiet moment in a day has me mulling over ideas, colour schemes, working through technical details. It's like having a good book, you can loose yourself in the moment. Sometimes people ask if we worry if we will run out of ideas. Ideas for new quilt designs. Ideas for new classes. We really don't have a shortage of ideas, just time to develop them all! We pride ourselves on designing new innovative classes, it's a shame to need to copy.

This week has been awash with new ideas, creative stimulation, an overload of insistent ideas wanting to be made real in fabric. On Sunday Claire and I went to a trade show. So much lovely fabric and ideas, but much more than that, so many ideas. A trade show for all types of creative endeavour from paper crafting to many cross-over ideas...we buzzed with new plans all the way home. There's really no excuse to not have new ideas when you're surrounded by so much exciting inspiration, we had a great day.

It's half term, my kiddies are home,my folks have been visiting, my favourite times when the house is full of family. Miss Stitch has been working on this great Birthday Cake Block by Lori Holt ahead of our First Birthday Celebrations next Thursday. Isn't it great?

I've been making Sausage Dogs, i've pretty much scratched that itch now!

Claire and I have been working hard behind the scenes on planning and writing new classes for our Autumn Class Schedule which will be unveiled later in the spring. It's all very exciting. 

Not least a fun little collaboration ahead of our Birthday Party on Thurs 26th Feb (9.30am - 2pm).....we are working on prizes for some fun Birthday goody bags

I might have a new obsession!