Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Quilts

Hello. I'm Deb.

Those of you who know me, know I love to sew. I am a quilter.

I love to sew all of it! Clothes, toys, bags, home furnishings - if it's made of fabric I want to make it. But my first love is patchwork.

If you read this blog and we've never met - hey! I run The PlainStitch,Workroom, a unique classroom and shop in Wendover High St Bucks.

We are the home of modern quilting, we teach classes and sell fabric, we're specialists.

We sew all sorts of things, but quilts are my first love. I teach all sorts of quilting classes here - mostly quilts of my own design.

We love originality.

I've made soooo many quilts, too many to count - or even remember actually!

You can see some of my favourites here

What's not to love about making a quilt? Its creative, colourful, tactile, rewarding, mindful, and an heirloom.

It's an item that's beautiful, useful, practical and decorative.

It speaks uniquely of you, your tastes and interests, and it is one big huge love letter to your family when you gift a quilt. Every stitch you sew says you love them this much xxx

I don't make quilts to sell, I've always felt they hold a little piece of soul, it doesn't feel right. I don't make quilts to hang on the wall, or to sell fabric. I make quilts to be used, for my family and friends, for my home and as a snapshot of a time in my life, to wrap up memories, to appear in family photographs, as a backdrop to my children's lives, as a memory chest for the future.

I think everyone should make at least one quilt in their life. It is seriously life affirming to MAKE and CREATE something by hand. You'll make a lovely quilt but you'll gain a peace of mind. Have a go, come and see us and we'll help you take those first steps.

I hope you enjoy looking at my quilts as much as I loved making them.

deb xx