Sunday, 22 February 2015

Stars in Your Eyes Quilt - A Finish

I just finished sewing the binding on this quilt today, which was just in time, give that it's freezing and blowing a gale. As soon as I'd taken this pic the quilt was whisked off and was last seen warming some small people on the sofa enjoying a Sunday afternoon film as the rain lashed down outside.

I started this quilt as soon as I received the book Quilting From Little Things by Sarah Fielke back in 2011. I am a huge fan of Sarah's quilts. I remember clear as day when I first found her blog ( at that stage called Material Obsession, a blog now run by her former business partner, Kathy, in the shop of the same name). I devoured every photograph on that blog that Kathy and Sarah shared back then. Modern quilts with contemporary roots, was the byline of their subsequent first book. I LOVED that book, I still do.

Sarah's books continue to be some of the most thumbed on my bookcase. I loved this quilt straight away, I made the main centre of the quilt, the stars etc within days of getting the book. I sewed a border, but I just wasn't happy with the fabric choice. I stalled. The quilt was put away. I couldn't bring myself to take it to bits but I couldn't summon the urge to go back to it. I've no idea why it took 4 years to get back to it!

This Christmas in a fit of finish-itis i pulled out all of my WIP and set to getting them finished. A productive afternoon at The Workroom (a major perk of owning a fabric shop) had me pick out this favourite sevenberry print. Blue with cherries, a real retro vibe. I pulled off the old borders, sewed some more, chose another retro style lovely red print from Mimosa by Another Point of View.

Jennie longarm and I tried out a new long arm design on this quilt - lots of circles, it gives a nice loosely quilted feel - not too stiff - and a modern graphic style. Ask Jennie if it'll work on a project for you, I really recommend it.

Next on my sewing list today was a little practical piece of sewing. (Apologies - very boring story warning!) We bought new kitchen towels to hang next to the sink this week. Usually they just get hooked on the cupboard door knob next to the sink. These lovely towels had really little labels that wouldnt hook. I ran up these quick tags in a favourite Denyse Schmidt print, then secured them using the little label folded back to encase the raw edge.

 I only show them here as I'm so pleased with how they look! Might start embellishing all my towels with more fabric!