Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Swoonification and Swapping

Swoonification: The passionate obsession with one patchwork block to the exclusion of all other subjects. Can be known to bring on temporary insanity/breakdown but ultimately resulting in exultant joy.

There's a lot of this affliction whirling about the Wendover Sewing Bee and PlainStitch Workroom at the moment! Have you made a Swoon yet? I definitely recommend it! 

There's nothing like a good old fashioned deadline to get those sewing machine whirring and next Thursday is Long Arm Day at the PlainStitch Workroom so our Wendover Sewing Bee Swoon-Along quilts are starting to really look fabulous in preparation!

After languishing all spring while others have knuckled down I've finally pushed past the notorious 5th block curse (everyone reports turning to wine at this stage, bar none!) and now have 7 of the 9 blocks finished and the final two cut out in bits on my workbench. Nearly there!

Some lucky peeps have already finished  - a little random look at some of their wonderful quilt tops - we'll do a proper photoshoot of them all when the rest of us catch up!

We had loads of fun at the SwapShop at The Wendover Sewing Bee on Tuesday morning. Such delicious bundles of fabric, great swapping and a healthy secondary market in post-swap-swapping as the bags were broken into and explored! 

We loved swapping so much we'll do it again in the autumn - whats not to love? Everyone goes home with free fabric! Enjoy!