Thursday, 5 June 2014

Patchworky Coasters

Our PlainStitch regulars LOVE our fab patchworky coasters. We get asked all the time where we found them. It seems a good coaster these days is hard to find! We're lucky to know the lovely Vickie from Ameo Designs who lives nearby and is a super talented surface pattern designer. It's just about my dream job ( although I lack even a thimble full of talent in that area!) as she gets to dream up all the lovely colourful patterns that we fall in love with on fabric, wallpaper and more.

Vickie and I definitely share a colour love (and a shared overdeveloped obsession with Heather Ross ( see my multiple ramblings on that topic here and, well everywhere - just google Plainstitch+Heather Ross!)) and I just LOVE Vickie's designs - I'd literally quilt them all! That's why her coasters were too hard to resist for The Workroom. People always think we had them especially made.

Because You're Worth It, we now have a few little stacks of coasters for sale at The Workroom so if you need a little bit of Quilty Coaster action in your life you know where to come.

p.s Purely selfishly, I'm a bit obsessed with Vickie's Frame Deer design as it would make the perfect fabric for a Scandi quilt I'm working on at the moment. If we all e mail Vickie and leave comments on her blog perhaps we can persuade her to have it made up as fabric?! Are you in, fancy a fat quarter? Go e mail! Look at the white one - it's deer, WITH BUNTING...what could be more perfect?!??