Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mini Pompom Ricrac makes me happy....that's normal right?

 It's been a riot of spring color in the Workroom today and a whirl of activity. We were packed to the gunnels with very industrious sewers for Therapy Thursday; swoons, baby quilts, farmers wife blocks and EPP projects were all looking fabulous. Our lovely sewers arrived armed with gorgeous fabric, bunches of flowers and peals of laughter - we knew it was going to be a fun morning.

The doorbell was ringing all morning. We had very exciting deliveries - check out this gorgeous Dreamin' Vintage fabric by Jeni Baker. It looks like a funky modern Liberty print and feels like Liberty too - it's divine. It would make just the most gorgeous girls summer dresses or soft buttery quilt backs.

We now have a rainbow selection of zips from 5 inches up to 14 inches which we'll use for the Autumn Cushion Class. If you've got your heart set on a specific colour come and have a rummage in these jars early!

 Our much anticipated delivery of Ric rac and Pompoms arrived to great shrieks of joy ( OK, so that was me). I love me a rainbow pompom display! It makes me happy! I may just spend the rest of my life rearranging these on their lovely new stand and die happy. These are going to star in the most amazing pin cushions next week.

I am super excited about our pincushion pop up class next Friday. We have the most fabulous selection of scraps for you to help yourself from courtesy of our friends at Cromptons Interiors in Wendover who kindly let us cut up their old sample books. Well what sample books they are?!?!? Anyone for £50/m linen pincushion scraps? Of course you want them! Come and get them, next Friday 10am -12pm.

 If you're feeling a bit more summer mellow, and not so much on the brights, then we also have a wonderful selection of the most tasteful ribbons and cotton laces from Tilda. As it happens they co-ordinate perfectly with our new Prairie fabric so if soft cornflower blue is your thing, you'll love these.

The Workroom will be open from 10am on Saturday until 2pm,for fabric, notions, chat and pompoms, and every week day next week from 9.30am - 2pm, do come and see us x