Friday, 13 June 2014

Heather Ross Little Miss Granny Bag

OK, so, do you remember being 5? Being 5 and a little sister? The smallest in your family? It's tough being small and especially if you're the kind of 5 year old who wants to be 25. The Big Miss Stitch has been toting her Granny Bag around for a week and the Little Miss Stitch has been looking on...longingly. Then she laid it on the line. She told me that she had, actually, a lot of stuff that she needed to take with know..her mouse...her book...her sunglasses and, well stuff........ 5 year old stuff.

I didn't need asking twice.

It had to be yellow. She loves yellow.

It had to be Heather Ross fabric. Heather Ross fabric is the narrative thread in my kids lives. Her prints map their childhoods. From cutting up Munki munki pyjama's from early ebay 7 years ago, through her spoonflower phase, the Kokka phase, and now her glorious Windham fabrics return - I own them all - me and my kids are her biggest fans!

We're waiting with bated breath for her re-launched Far Far Away I range this summer ( we'll be stocking it at The Workroom). I didn't have enough FFA1 in my stash - but I did have some Far Far Away II, a fab washing line print and snow white and the seven dwarfs to make my Little Miss Granny Bag.

She loves it.

It's hanging next to her bed.

It's already  full of...well... 5 year old stuff..................