Friday, 13 June 2014

Perfect Patchwork Pin Cushions

Today we made scrappy pin cushions all morning at the Workroom. We took over the Workroom and the ShopRoom in a joyous jumble of fun ideas and brightly coloured scraps and trims. My favourite kind of morning.

Felt squares - check
Pompoms- check
Ricrac - check
Tape measure ribbons - check
Lavender - check
Ground walnut shells - check
Fabulous multicolour scraps - check
High end fabric swatches to chop up - check

We are officially ready to pin cushion!

 So many lovely colour combinations!

Lots of whirring sewing machines..........

Look how fab they are! All different shapes and sizes, each one completely individual to it's owner - we even made portable pin cushions to clip on to the soon-to-be-made Granny