Thursday, 12 June 2014

Therapy Thursday

Every Thursday we throw open the doors to The Workroom for our lovely ladies to come and sew with us. The format is simple. We lay on the venue, equipment, on tap tea and coffee and some of Netty's legendary cakes. But lovely though these elements are, they are but the bare bones of the plump loveliness that is Therapy Thursday.

Every week we have a different mix of people. Every week a different mix of projects. People come with a friend, to meet up with a friend, with an old friend who is in the country for a few days. People bring class projects that they are keeping up with, they also bring the most fabulous surprises that they unveil to an appreciative audience for the first time. Often these groups don't always know each other at the start of Thursday - but by the end they are the best of friends. Almost every week we're amazed by the 'Seven Degree's of Workroom Separation' whereby old friends, colleagues, neighbours run into each other at The Workroom and arrange to catch up at the next weeks gathering!

Today was an all you can eat buffet of sewing fabulousness! The Workroom buzzed all day. We had our termly Long Arm Surgery which was fabulous as it's a showcase of jaw dropping finished quilts coming in for the final touches. Check out just some of the fabulous quilts that came through the doors today!

We had a full room of warm chatty sewing peeps, enjoying the Workroom and each other company, and a constant changing cast of visitors all day long.

It's a kind of alchemy: Friendship + sewing + creativity = amazing creations.

Aren't they fabulous?!