Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Lets Swap!!! The Wendover Sewing Bee Swap Shop June 3rd

Now I have a pretty 'well developed' stash of fabric at home (ahem), but nothing says spring like a spring clean. While the rest of my house got a cats lick and a promise  - my fabric stash has just had the mother of all turn outs in anticipation of our Great Swap Shop at The Wendover Sewing Bee on June 3rd at St Anne's Hall in Wendover 9.30am- 12pm.

It's a simple concept. Turnout your fabric stash. Figure what you're going to swap. I'd urge people to think 'what would others WANT?' as well as what do you want to swap out of your stash as we want as many tempting bundles as possible. Weigh your bundles into approx 100g bundles and put in a sandwich bag. Remember to pimp those bags ladies - think about how to make your bundle as tempting as possible for other swappers...colour code your fabric, put together a ready picked little selection of colours, add some ribbon or ricrac -whatever you think will make your parcel swapable. Each bundle can contain anything from one piece of fabric to a lot of scrappy bits, in pieces or cut into squares - anything goes, it need not only be fabric but wool, felt, buttons or ribbon are also swappable.

I love, love, love that sewing is at it's heart about making do, using what you have, trusting to serendipity...a fabric swap is the ultimate opportunity to jump start a project through that perfect piece of fabric that you pick up.........get stuffing those sandwich bags!

We'll start taking bundles from 9.30am with the swap kicking off at 10am. Each bundle will 'buy' you a token to be exchanged for another bundle. Come along and join in - all welcome.