Thursday, 22 May 2014

Julia's Giant Swoon, Kathys Log Cabin and Other Wonderful Creations

I do feel lucky to have such a lovely schedule. I take my kids to school, I usually meet the wonderful talented Netty from HomeBird Bakery who makes all our PlainStitch cakes at the school gate and get given an enticing tin of something lovely, then Hels and I wander up to The Workroom in the centre of our village and then the fun begins. Everyday our little doorbell rings steadily all morning. Each visitor brings with them something amazing that they are working on. We get to share all of the ups and downs, the triumphs and the disasters, the pride of perseverance, and the confidence that trying something you think will be so hard and achieving it, brings.  Today was no exception, The Workroom was busy busy as the rain lashed down outside and lightening and thunder rolled. The sewing machines hummed, hand sewing was meticulously completed, chat and cakes enjoyed.

Just some of the highlights as I'm always too busy to remember to take pics! Julias Amazing Massive Swoon from the Wendover Sewing Bee Swoon-along was squeel-tastic! Can you believe that this is the back of her Swoon top?!? She's already made the beautiful front - I don't know how she'll ever decide which side is which!

Kathy's gorgeous, perfectly balanced Log Cabin from our Log Cabin Workshop Class this spring was nearing completion - basted and starting to be quilted. Next she's looking to the Gee'sBend Quilters for inspiration - I know her quilts are just going to get more and more exciting. Aren't we lucky to share these adventures in creativity?!

To top out our exciting day we ended up being interviewed for BBC Three Counties Radio about our passions - sewing, our community Bee, sharing our love of creativity and making - we were super nervous but it was a blast, could have happily wittered on all afternoon ( you can listen again here we are at 2.15pm) .

Then last stop of the day - the always serene and warm and welcoming Lady Grey Tearoom for an elegant pot of tea and a delicious scone with our champion cheerleader Mary, then back to school. It's amazing what you can fit into a school day. Hope your day was brimming with creativity too!