Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Love Lotus Pond Purse

Lotus Pond + Clutch bag = as you can see I've had a happy day! After a full day and night of classes at The Workroom the Lotus Pond is something of a puddle so get in quick if you want some, we're open on Thurs and Fri this week. I'm super excited about our Pop Up Classes- we're kicking off with pincushions in June, and we'll be announcing Purse Class soon.

So much exciting making going on at The Workroom this week, Simple Sampler quilts coming to fruition, Wonderful Farmers Wife quilts also nearly pieced - then kicking off fresh, modern Modern Applique Quilts and super saturated EPP projects ready for summer sewing. There's so much creativity bursting out of The Workroom at the moment that the place is literally buzzing with ideas, colour schemes, project plans keeping people awake at's a joy to be at the centre of!