Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Building a Wonky Log Cabin out of Scraps

Ok, this is the last log cabin for a while I promise! The last of my class samples for the autumn log cabin extravaganza is finished and is now residing on the very large pile for backing and basting. I then intend to spend the long summer hols in a deckchair hand quilting my way through them in time for the end of Sept. 

I'm so loving the little dog in a jacket!
This wonky log cabin was so much fun to make. Its completely made up of strip scraps ( usually surplus ends of binding that I toss into an overflowing bag in my sewing cupboard!). The middles are made up of some of my most precious Heather Ross prints that this post recently reminded me of! I really want to eek them out so pairing them with scraps is a great way to make a quilt out of nothing really!

I remember the first time i saw a 'liberated' quilt. The great Gwen Marston is a the queen of the genre and when I first read her book it blew my mind! Its looks so complicated! But it's so easy! Throw away your ruler and stop measuring stuff? Yes please! Wonky log cabin remains one of my favourites to make. I'm really excited about teaching this method in my class - it always busts open the creativity and allows people to play with their fabric rather than worry and measure and feel that patchwork can be hard. Teaching this method lets me sing from the rooftops ' look how much fun it is!' When did you last play like a kid with something? Its good for the soul!

Peggy and Vic Oliver my chickens either love this or they want me to seriously examine my sanity. I'm not yet fluent enough in chicken to decipher which message they were loudly conveying here!