Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Bee-Licious Way to Spend a Day

It was our fabby Bee morning yesterday and it was just so much fun. I know I rattle on a lot about how even more enhanced the fun of sewing is when you multiply it by friends, but it's just soooo true!

 Ok, so I know they taught me quadratic equations at school for a reason so here's my shot at applying it in real life -  just spent an evening trying to justify to my kids why they need to do maths homework rather than mess about outside :(

(Sewing + Friends) x (Cake + Tea) = Contentment ≥  Joy

( get me with my  ≥  greater than or equal to sign, see Mr Jones c.1990,  I WAS listening when gave me a detention for chatting!)

This week I actually did do some sewing rather just running about chatting and harping on about just how LOVELY it all was! I need a new set of Rayburn Mats to go on top of the shiny lids to protect them when I dump hot things unceremoniously down on them (usually as I've tripped over my dog who loves to play 'who can get most in the way at tea time' as she inches closer to the warm stove, love her).

I made these ones way back when, but given that they should probably get a wash at some stage (!) I thought I'd better make a new set. I love the blue and pink combo and i'm working on some new blocks for a modern machine piecing class I'm pondering at the moment for next spring so I figured I'd try out one of my favourite blocks, Rolling Stone. I've finished one and the other is half done so all in all, a productive day.