Saturday, 8 June 2013

More Log Cabins!

Gosh, where did the last month go? I have mostly spent it running round and round in circles! Log cabin circles that is! I have been making the samples for my Log Cabin Class that starts in the autumn. I LOVE log cabin, and three quilts in sucession down i'm STILL loving it! Thats pretty good advertisment for the versatility of this great block wouldn't you say!?! Heres my latest offerings;

I'm calling this baby quilt, 'Small Bear in a Big Log Cabin'. Can you see the cute bears in the middle?

And I'm calling this Picture Frames Log Cabin Variation, 'Gaucho Kate' as it's inspired by and destined eventually for a Little Girl who just LOVES playing with ponies, big and small.

Join us on Tuesday 11th at 9am for our second Wendover Sewing Bee