Friday, 22 February 2013


This post is over a week late for Valentines now. I had been working on this Hexi-Heart cushion for a week ahead of Valentines as my kids had pointed out, with incredulity, that we had nothing 'special' to decorate the house for valentines, which wasn't really fair on Valentines, as Xmas and Easter had their own 'special' stuff that comes out on display! Don't you love kid-logic?

 Its a really simple pattern, just make a heart shaped English paper pieced hexagon shape, then applique to a pillow. I made the pillow background quilted as the background polka dot was quite thin and I like a substantial pillow covering as they get rough - housed in the playroom quite regularly.

Anyway, pillow was all ready for Valentines, and we had some family heart drama. Not the emotional heart drama type, the mechanical kind. Thanks for the wonders of modern medicine, and an emergency stent operation, all is well. Hearts - definitely don't neglect to celebrate them! x