Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Spring Applique!

Oh, the sun came out! Did you see it? It lasted all of about 15 mins here, but just that little spritz of springishness has sent me into a zingy springy mood! I just pulled these fabrics, on a calm grey check. My inspiration is 1950's atomic colour schemes, it all just seems such a springy and hopeful era?

I'm making class samples for my Modern Applique class that starts after Easter. I'm sure you've all seen my lovely finished quilt ( made in the now iconic Flea Market Fancy Legacy fabrics), but I also like to make for each class some blocks where you can see the back!

I'm sure it's not just me, but whenever I see a quilt, in a show or a museum, I just really want to have a look at the back, you know, just to check it out? It's like the man equivalent of taking a look under the bonnet, or prising the back off something electrical, just to, you know, see whats going on with the mechanics?!

My observation from teaching patchwork is that you need to let people 'see the mechanics' of a block so I like to make a few blocks up to hand around. Of course as you know I'm addicted to fabric, so any excuse to make a second quilt ( ok third!) in the same pattern legitimately without my daughter rolling her eyes at me and saying 'muuum' in that way only your kids can! It's giving me some spring joy, come and join in and sign up for the Modern Applique class if you want to share the feeling!