Saturday, 21 March 2015

AMH, Denyse and Skinny La much new fabric!

We think we've got the best jobs in the world, but some weeks are just super exciting!

We have been Lori Holt fans for ages now, our Bee in Your Bonnet Class from Lori Holt's book of the same name is a real PlainStitch favourite and this years class are turning out some of the most jaw droppingly wonderful quilts! Look at this one from Sue, so close to finish - gorgeous!

We're delighted to announce that we will be stocking Lori Holt's new book Farm Girl Vintage when it is released next month. Usually to get her books in the UK you need to expect an expensive shipping fee and usually a customs fee too so it can be a 'hard to justify' buy from the USA. 

We will be stocking the book from when it is launched - at the moment eagerly awaited in April...we'll let you know!

 Today we ran our first Make A Baby Quilt In a Day class for Absolute Beginners. It was such a fab class, run very calmly by Claire despite a busy stream of shoppers 'popping through' the classroom to shop our Half Metre Spring Madness Sale!

4 complete machine patchwork beginners turned out the most wonderful and colourful baby quilts in a day - they did work really hard and their quilts were fantastic! Lucky babies and kiddies that are the special recipients!

 The Workroom is awash with springy colour at the moment.. .so much lovely and innovative new pattern. This is Anna Maria Horner at the bottom of this pic - a long time favourite fabric designer with her re issued Folk Song fabric line which is one of my old favs. Also the fabric at the top of the pile is Denyse Schmidt Franklin - such great vintage-patterns-in-a-modern-colourway fabrics, also a personal fav.

Also new is this lovely I'm a Maker fabric in scissors and sewing text fabric - def one to stash for sewing related future projects - I really fancy the scissors print as the inside cover of my embroidered needlebook at Victoria's class next week!

The glorious prints on this pic are by Skinny La Minx, as South African designer and another long time favourite. Previously her printed fabrics have been produced on a linen blend fabric which is great for some projects, but not so great for patchwork so I'm so pleased to see these lovely Art Gallery fabric prints in their famous silky soft cotton.

We'll be closed after Friday 27th March for some building work to extend our main classroom and set up a second classroom so until next Fri we are reducing all 1/2m pre-cuts to £5. This pic was taken on Fri morning and the boxes are 'well shopped' (!) as of Saturday eve - but there are some fab prints still there - I love 1/2m cuts - they are the most versatile - just the right size for so many projects from quilt binding to bags and baskets and scarves and so much more... def worth a stock up!

We are open Wed - Fri next week 9.30am - 1pm so do pop in, debs x