Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Retreat Day Round Up

Oh my, we did have a lovely Retreat Day. Claire kicked us off in style with grand plans for a Mid Century Modern Tea Cosy. Patchwork and Free Motion Embroidery. She was ON A MISSION....

We drank lots of tea..........

So many show and tells - look at Paula's amazing Modern Applique!

We all worked hard ( he he)

Emma came ready. to. sew. Suitcase? Check. 

Trudy went space age...we all want a pair now!

Felt chicks from the Comic Relief Crafternoon book started springing up everywhere..even in the mini eggs!

Finishes started to be declared..yay..clapping!

We ate so well, Delicious pudding. Both puddings. Obviously..yumm

The afternoon passed, we had all well and truly settled in! Little glass of wine....perfect

Claire was finished. Bish bash bosh - it looked amazing. So amazing that my pic went wobbly with joy at the marriage of mid century modern and free motion embroidery!

The Chick at the Bee 

I knitted a woollen dress for a felt rabbit. Can't think of a better use of an afternoon, really.

There was some gentle afternoon EPP

A rabbit gained some boot buttons

Other peoples fabric stashes looked so much more appealing than our own!

We all got storage envy

Farmers Wife Quilt blocks were cut and sewn

We all wanted a Pack+Roll - sounds so crafty Rock+Roll doesn't it?

We did a lot of what made us happy...sewing and chatting!

Scraps in a champagne bucket - sums up the day actually!

Fabulous fabric envy

We worked into the night

More finishes! 

It was over too soon. We sewed, we chatted, we ate, we laughed, and laughed ( actually howled - you know who you are loud table!), we made new friends and met up with old friends. Retreat's special, thank you all x