Friday, 6 February 2015

Julia's Notion Of the Month - Pre Cut Freezer Paper EPP Templates

Hello lovely to see everyone at the Bee this week and I'm really looking forward to joining in with the Wendover Remembers project .
This month it's a clear winner on Notion of the Month. My choice is the  pre-cut freezer paper templates for EPP  work - and in particular for me the large hexies that come in a pack of 100 for £4.50 from Debs at the Plainstitch Workroom. Previous attempts at EPP a have been sloooow mainly due to the fact I had to draw round a template onto a roll of freezer paper and then cut out individual shapes. These pre-cut templates are a joy,

And so quick to use - just a press onto a fabric square with your iron, a trim around the edge about 1/4 inch and then my other favourite notion gets a mention...the Sewline fabric glue pen which gets the job time cleanly and efficiently. The pens are £5.50 and refills a steal at £2 for a pack of 2 .
 My Liberty Hexie EPP quilt .............. coming along super quickly with these hexies and Debs stocks other shapes too including diamonds and the lovely clamshell. So whatever takes your EPP fancy its a fun and satisfying patchwork method to get stuck into as well as being the perfectly portable project too.
I can't wait now for a bit more EPP work at the PlainStitch Retreat this Saturday and I look forward to seeing you there! :)

Julia x