Thursday, 22 January 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful in January.........

It's been a grey cold week hasn't it? Typical end of January. We're flighting back at The Workroom with reasons to be cheerful in January! I do love a HAPPY THOUGHT.

1. Yay - New fabric! This range is called Suffolk Garden by Brie Harrison. It's one of our most anticipated 2015 fabric ranges. I just adore this soft mixture of taupe and coral, hot pink and grapey purple! It's a colour scheme lots of you are using too, we've picked out so many inspiring fabric combinations this week for so many new classes all gearing up at the moment. It's the best part of our job. Yes, it's fabric.....but do you know what? It's so much more than that. Its a new project. A new start. A challenge. A sewing solace when life is hard or sad. A little bit of sewing peace and quiet in a busy life. A reason to feel cheerful when it's grey and cold. A reason to be home in the warm, sewing.

Ohh - and we filled up the 1/8ths box again - if you're looking for a little end of January style treat that wont break the bank come and have a rummage...

2. Ta Dah! PlainStitch Home Improvements! We painted up a new peg board. You know we LOVE pegboard. It's been an integral part of PlainStitch since the start and our range of notions had well outgrown the original space! We decided to bust out a new favourite colour - we've been loving all the grapey fabric in the Workroom recently so this purple was an obvious choice ( my bathtub is the same colour) We're getting a LOT of OCD style satisfaction from arranging and rearranging our new supplies too. When life gives you freezing cold grey days, arrange notions! Yes, those are multicoloured Wonderclips....think how happy they'll make you feel every time you use them!

3. Sewing Spring Cleaning. Show your machine some love in January and it'll see you right for the rest of the year and you'll feel saintly. Now in stock, Oil, Service kit and Bobbin Mates ( you will thank me, and you're welcome!)

4. New Shoes. An obvious mood enhancer. Obviously Patchwork ones..........

5. Anticipating Retreat Day. The most commonly heard phrase this week at The Workroom was ...'so i've started planning my project for Retreat Day'. Plus I'm getting even more anticipatory fun as I have the menu lists to choose this week! yummy yum x The thought of Retreat Day is such a tonic!

6. Heart Shaped Valentine Pompoms.The ultimate lovely colourful sticking plaster for many of lifes ills x