Wednesday, 14 January 2015

I Do So Love To Sew - My (Nearly) New Bernina Aurora 440

Well it's cold and wet and blowy and generally just not weather to be out in at the moment. That's fine, we are warm and busy at The Workroom. So much going on this week, new classes kicking off for another term, this week we have run Get To Know Your Sewing Machine Classes, Bee in Your Bonnet machine sewn patchwork class, a brand new, super keen Simple Sampler class which has been sold out since Oct so lots of people chomping at the bit to start their quilting journey ( we have another class starting later in the spring with a couple of spaces still open if you want to join us)...and phew it's only Wednesday! Tomorrow we'll all squeeze in ( lots of January sewing momentum for everyone at the mo!) and hunker down for a productive Therapy Thursday day...always a real tonic and I have my appliqué all prepped and ready to go (above). In the eving we have a choc a block Free Moton Machine Embroidery class and Friday we start Little Girls Dresses ( we had 2 spaces open up on that class at the last minute this week so if you checked out the summer Boden book/Next Directorary etc this week and thought - pah, I can make my own nicer/cheaper summer kiddy clothes do drp me a note)

I really enjoyed seeing our recent Simple Sampler Reunion reviewed in The Quilers Guild Spring Newsletter - look at all those lovely quilts!

Today we kicked off Simple Sampler again, it's such a favourite of mine, especially this first class - such exciting little piles of fabric ready to make special quilts for their makers. Simple Sampler is such a precious first quilt to make - all those hopes, some trepidation, then such pride when these bundles of fabrics become full blown quilts in a month or so - it's a magical metamorphosis - the only additional ingredient is the hard work of their makers - wonderful isn't it?!

Here are some work-in-progress-piles-of-fabric being put together today. I'm really looking forward to seeing them blossom.

I've been spring cleaning my Work In Progress piles.Pulling out some quilt tops that haven't made it to the finish line yet and pushing on with them. This quilt top has been languishing for a while. It's kind of Not-So-Simple-Sampler! Itried out a whole range of blocks that I had always wanted to make in a Sampler format. This quilt never made it to borders, batting and backing so borders now done I need to get backing and basting and get this one done. As is always the way, I fall back in love with some projects after a little hiatus.

Part of my motivation ( as if I need any!) has been enjoying sewing with my new machine. I have been a Bernina girl for a while now, sewing on a little Bernina 330 for a year or so, but I had been hankering after a Bernina 550 for a while. The 550 is a big, whistles and bells machine, ( read expensive, yikes!) that replaced the 440. However the reviews for the now discontinued 440 have always been amazing! I have searched for a second hand trade in one in vain for a few months and this year on Christmas eve idly looking at the website of Home Counties Sewing Machines in High Wycombe up popped a second hand 440 for sale. I literally dropped my mince pie, pushed past my bewildered extended family and jumped in the car!  She's called Aurora - which my little space scientist girl just LOVES, although sadly she does everything but emit a multihued defracted lightshow above where I sew during midwinter. Miss Space Scientist was a little bit sad about that :( I however love everything about this machine. I'll write a proper review soon.

Obviously a new sewing machine  merits new sewing storage and a new set of pouches was in order to hold my bobbin box and feet. This kind of sparked a pouch avalanche as most of my family realised that they actually NEEDED a pouch for various Christmas present related issues and i just sewed variations on these pencil case and zippy mouthed pouches in every size for 3 days between Christmas and New Year! Such hardship. 

If your extended family could do with some pouch-based organisation ( who couldn't?)  check out our Spring 2015 Class List for our new Pop Up Pouch Classes.
We've also just added more evening classes ( English Paper Piecing and Cathedral Windows), Pop Up Summer Bunting, Embroidered Needlebooks, Patchwork Sewing Machine Covers...... so much happening!
The wind is howling down the chimney of my wood burner and my new project hexagons are
Warm dog, blazing fire. Hexagon EPP. January isn't so bad when you are a quilter! Happy Sewing x