Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Hand Quilting with DMC Perle Cotton No. 8 - Julia's Notion of the Month

Today we welcome back Julia and her now famous 'Notion of the Month'..............! xxx

Happy New Year to everyone, it's me Julia, and I'm looking forward to lots of sewing together in 2015 :)

My Notion of the Month for January has to be DMC Perle Cotton No. 8, stocked in a lovely rainbow of colours by Deb at Plainstitch WorkRoom.
Not only do the beautiful colours available look stunning and inspiring but it really is the most handy of threads, my girls use it for any little sewing projects they are working on as there are no awkward strands to twist together,  it's the perfect craft thread.

I was looking for a way to hand quilt my completed Modern Appliqué quilt

And although I had tried the classic method on my Simple Sampler with a very small needle and a rocking motion for some reason it didn't really suit my style. I wanted to be able to see the stitches in colours that coordinated with my quilt.

I have always loved the look and feel of this quilt I bought for my little girl when she was tiny...

So I purchased a few balls of Perle ( fantastic value at £2.50 a ball) beautiful colours to chose from and I find there's little wastage with this thread.  It goes a long way.

 Coupled with Debs' guidance regarding the " Perfect Perle Needle" which are Embroidery/Crewels ..both £2.50 a pack from Debs - .large enough eye to thread but pointy enough to go through 3 layers with ease.

I set off to Perle my little socks off and what a pleasure it is, so much so that I keep adding rows in different colours. More is more here for me and secretly I'm not in a hurry to stop!
You sort of find your own rhythm with or without a hoop and off you go, The ' permission' to have any stitch length and colour is quite freeing and very relaxing. A perfect Winter snugly project ... I highly recommend you give it a try!