Friday, 14 November 2014

Cathedral Windows Part 1

Hi everyone, it is Claire, writing as a guest, sharing yesterday's class in the workroom. It was the first part of the long awaited Cathedral Windows Class.  It is one of my favourite patchwork patterns not only because it has such sentimental value to me but because it gives you the opportunity to showcase favourite fabrics old or new. After the preliminary work is done it is a good hand sewing project to get on with in front of the telly. I love that sort of project as I can never just sit still in the evening!

There was a real buzz of excitement and anticipation in the Workroom. On arrival the lovely ladies talked about packing their bags way in advance and getting up early to walk the dog which rarely  happens! So the pressure was on not least because Debs was a student!

They all thought they were coming to sew but little did they know that they would spend the morning ironing!

The Workroom not only filled with steam but fun, chat and laughter. They were such a friendly group of ladies who had a good chin wag as they folded, pressed and pinned their squares ready for construction next time.

There were a few fiddly corners, hot fingers and flushed faces but all in all they enjoyed part 1. Choices are now being made. Cushion? table mat? ... Or 12 pin cushions!!

Can't wait to see their projects develop next time.

New class dates for late spring 2015  so keep a watchful eye on the class list online if you  fancy learning how to make Cathedral Windows next year.