Sunday, 1 June 2014

Pop Up Classes - Contagious Creativity!

We love sewing.

We love trying new projects. Finding new ways to use favourite fabrics.

Making instead of buying. Creating unique things.

We get inspired. A lot.

We sew. A lot.

We LOVE the fabrics we stock. We use the fabrics we stock. They inspire us

We love teaching. It's our passion.

We love showing others how to make what we make.

Pop Up Classes from The PlainStitch Workroom are about us finding ways to share our instant sewing passions.

When we get excited about making something new - we'll share it with you.

The classes will be advertised a couple of weeks ahead of them running. There will be limited numbers and we can't guarantee that we'll run the class again. They may just be creative flashes that make way for the next sewing passion we develop!

Our aim is to encourage you to make time to make. Come to a class and just create for a few hours instead of just turning down pages in a magazine or pinning pictures on Pintrest.

Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to find out about a new class first. Watch the blog to see our creations develop.

Most of all - enjoy making!