Friday, 20 June 2014

Modern Applique

Modern Applique is one of my most favourite classes to teach. It's close to my heart. It's a pattern of my own design, based on all my favourite motifs. Taking traditional applique designs and making them modern. Sewing applique by hand, using traditional techniques to make a modern classic. It's what PlainStitch is all about.

The work coming from my Modern Applique class is fabulous - really beautiful blocks are getting made. I literally spend the first hour squealing as each weeks new blocks that they have been working on are revealed! I just love seeing how they start from my design then evolve it to work with their fabrics - and what fabulous fabrics they've put together. Our ShopRoom is bursting with colour at the moment and these ladies know just how to make our fabrics sing! Enjoy these pics and be inspired to start your own summer sewing project - pop in and see us on Sat 21st or any day next week 9.30am - 2pm.