Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Fabric Baskets, EPP and Chocolate Cake

We are having a blast at The Workroom at the moment. So many lovely people and such lovely projects getting made every day. This week has been packed full of fabulous and it's only Wednesday. Here's whats been happening if you've not been in yet this week!

We started the week making English Paper Pieceing. This is one of my favourite ways to sew and the quilts that are being made are WONDERFUL! There was also a lot of chocolate cake enjoyment. Plus, who knew that a new kind of fabric glue could create such a buzz? If you got in early I expect you are LOVING your new notion. If you missed out don't worry we have a mahoosive re order expected before the end of the week.

The Bee on Tuesday evening was positively Mediterranean. Light until 10pm we were all surprised when we realised it was time to go home. An evening of much hilarity, old friends catching up and new friendships being made.

Today we made fabric baskets. You know i've long had a special love for the fabric basket! Today it was blown stellar again as every basket was totally fantastic and I basically want to replicate each one for myself! If you still haven't made a fabric basket book in early for Sept ( i'm afraid that the july class is full) as this class is always really popular and for good reason as storage as good looking as this is hard to come by!

Tomorrow The Workroom is open for Therapy Thursday so pop by and have a browse and a chat and see whats being worked on. We're so full tomorrow that we may have to take our sewing out in the courtyard - bliss, come and join us x

ps There is a space that has become available for Vintage Purses this Saturday. This class is sold out so if you want this re-available space let me know asap x