Sunday, 9 March 2014

New Beginnings

Oh my, it's glorious weather today here in the Chiltern Hills. The sun is shining, daffodils are suddenly everywhere. It's my absolute favourite time of year.

So much newness about!

We finally were able to get the front door of The Workroom painted after 6 agonisingly long weeks of rain and undercoat! It's now on it's way to looking fantastically glossy and the perfect shade of summer skies blue, come and admire it, hooray! Next we'll paint the gate too so you can more easily spot where our little oasis of a courtyard is located.

We are getting exciting new stock for the Workroom coming in every day at the moment. The latest being a great selection of fantastic modern quilt patterns. Save me from myself and come and buy them, as you know I just want to keep them for myself and obsessively make every quilt!

We've also just taken delivery of a pile of Frank Edmunds American Beech wood deep quilting hoops. I don't know why a good quilting hoop is so hard to buy here in the UK but they all seem to be so mean and skinny. These are lovely and generously deep and I know they'll sell out in a flash.

We're extending our open hours next week to accommodate the start of lots of new fab classes most days. Pop in on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday and all day Saturday.

I've spent this sunny afternoon making samples for my sold out Fabric Baskets class at the end of the week. I am sooo in love with this latest basket. I have another 2 in states of progress with same fabric but different handles and inners. The fabric is v Orla doncha think?

Then in a suitably frivolous sunny Sunday type way Miss Stitch had so much fun hanging out with ROY GBIV* in the scrap basket making mini bunting for a display a local shop is making to kindly promote our community Wendover Sewing Bee. Is there something wrong with me when something this random can make me so happy! He he. Fabric love! xx

 *(Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue,Indigo,Violet)