Friday, 21 March 2014

Love Log Cabin & Quilting by Hand

I so love the Log Cabin block.It's super elegant. Perfectly designed, so straightforward to cut out and sew, but so infinitely variable. It's just patchwork perfection. This week we came to the end of our first Log Cabin Workshop. This was a new style of class for us. Three classes over 3 months, designed to allow our students to play and explore and innovate with this versatile block. We all have such busy lives, we get so 'deliverable' focused. 'Whats the outcome, what did i achieve?' We ask. Except life is a journey isn't it? You need to kick back and enjoy the process sometimes, to take the road less traveled. I hope that this class carved a little pocket of space in some peoples lives, to play, and take risk and try something new and feel that childlike pleasure in having a go. Kids play, kids have fun, we grown ups have to find our inner kid sometimes and lighten up and just let the creativity have a place to play! Here's just some of the lovely quilts getting made in this class, aren't they fab?

I taught such a rewarding class this morning. One of the lovely things about having the workroom is that I now have the space to offer some really focused classes. Today we looked at hand quilting.

 All of the lovely ladies who joined me had tried this technique before, but hand quilting is so wonderfully old fashioned, in that it demands proper practice of the practitioner. It refuses to bend to the modern world by offering short cuts and quick fixes. It asks of us perseverance and patience! Eeek! Except it rewards that effort with a skill that will truly be special to you. When you can hand quilt you have an instant way to relax. There's something magical about being able to stitch in this way, and there's a huge amount of satisfaction in achieving something that's hard to learn.