Monday, 17 March 2014

Help Us Name Our Sewing Machines.........

............what is your sewing machine called? I have a sewing machine at home called Bernhilda. She's a Bernina and I like to think of her as a dependable solid sort of a lass, good in a crisis. My daughter has had a long obsession with the Chalet School books which were set in an Austrian finishing school in the 1930's and the place was chock full of these types learning DomSci and the correct way to execute a flat felled seam and the like. Miss Stitch has called her Janome, Janet. Another nice dependable name, there's a pattern here isn't there?

We've just taken delivery of our two new Janome 525S 's for The PlainStitch Workroom.

They are both currently sadly nameless. Can you name them for us?

They are a bit racier looking than old dependable Bernhilda I have to say, if you're looking for personality clues in the naming of these girls.

What was the name of your DomSci (domestic science) teacher? Do you remember her with fondness or dread? We'd love to know her name ( especially if she had one of those fearsome uniboob's that seemed to be de rigueur at the time).

I can't promise any scientific winning formula, other than that the name passes muster with Miss Stitch who has some rather particular ideas about the dignity of naming a sewing machine.....if you can please her with a name you're a worthy winner! Good luck.

Post your name in the comments or drop in and see us at The Workroom this week (Wed, Thurs and Fri 9am - 2pm) with your suggestion on a sheet of paper.

We'll let Miss Stitch decide at the weekend.
We'll send you 3 fat quarters if we choose your name!
Thanks for helping!