Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Remember remember the 5th of November.....

...it was easy to remember the date of this months Wendover Sewing Bee. It's always such a fab event. Today, outside the rain was falling, it was particularly cold biting rain, but as we each shivered in, out of the rain, into the cosy St Anne's Hall, shrugged off our wet coats, pulled out blocks and quilts, and felting, and biscuits, brewed warming drinks and gathered around I took a rare moment to reflect again on just what a lovely way to spend a morning this was.

Such a riot of colour and texture, the buzz of chat and peals of laughter, teaspoons in hot drinks clinking, oohs and ahhs as work is shown to the group, encouragement and  friendship. The Quilting Bee - throughout time it's always been a special way to share a love of sewing and creating. I love, love love that we get to have our own part of that history here in my little village in the English countryside.