Saturday, 9 November 2013

Friday Felting

I had such a lovely morning yesterday at Rachel's 3D Felting class. Look - how cute are they?!

You may remember that I attended a class she ran back in Sept with my daughter and made a lovely little mouse. Miss Plain Stitch has gone on to all manner of advanced felting makes, less so her mother!

With this in mind I signed up to do Rachel's class for PlainStitch yesterday. 3 glorious hours of uninterrupted creativity. It was a full fab fun class with everyone achieving more than they thought they'd be able to. Look at all of this felting loveliness!

For anyone who comes along to the Sewing Bee, I think I've succeeded in persuading Rachel (who likes to hide her considerable talents under a bushel!) to run a little Bee based class to show us how to make Xmas decorations. The felting technique is fantastic for quick and easy Christmassy decorations and gifts so the timing of the Bee on the 3rd should coincide perfectly for anyone starting to think of  getting those decorations up! I have definite plans for a twiggy christmassy decoration adored with mini toadstools! More details to follow here and on the Bee Blog.