Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Oops! Small re-stash!

It had to happen didn't it? Those shelves couldn't remain so empty for long..... I relapsed and had a very teeny weeny small re-stash. The hubbie was in America for work and so I couldn't resist a smash and grab at bargain US fabric prices.

I can never resist Denyse Schmidt and am already loving this new Florence line. I've mixed it in with some other bright prints and am planning to use some old Denyse Schmidt prints from the stash that obviously all survived the recent cull. I really love that Denyse's fabrics across many lines she has designed all work together - she really does have a signature style and colour palette and so it makes it an easy online buy as you just know that you'll love it. I'm not sure what i'm going to make with this little pile yet. It's been a while since I bought fabric without a project in mind. I'm enjoying the creative freedom a lovely pile of fabrics on the end of your sewing desk brings!

My other re-stash has a definite project lined up for it. It's a lovely Christmassy line from Moda, it's wintry without being too overtly Christmas. I'm not really one for the novelty Xmas elf style of Christmas fabric ( ok, only sometimes!) so this just called to me. I also almost never buy pre cuts as they usually frustrate me a bit as there's never quite enough fabric in them for me ( my cut of choice being the 1/2 metre as it's just enough, but not too much for any project) but I have been hankering after a lovely simple elegant square patchwork winter throw to get out to mark the winter season. Also my living room ceiling is about to be taken down and re fitted ( ughh, don't ask, plumbing disaster above) and so I'm thinking my new living room will get a pressie when it's had its surgery. It's a sewing kind of a day today, grey and drizzly. I'm going to go and sew x