Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Half Square Triangles (HST's)

Because i'm a sewing magpie, and I always want to be on to the next thing, and I can't resist bright colours - I just couldn't resist the urge to start cutting into this little fabric pile that I assembled a few weeks ago. It's a flash of fabulous colour in the rainy gloom. Bright vivid solid colours, paired with 'low-volume' backgrounds in soft greys. My plan is a half square triangle sampler quilt for a workshop class next year.

Fast and easy ways to make HST's on the sewing machine, then lots and lots of ideas of how to turn them into amazing patchwork patterns. I plan this class will be similar format to the Log Cabin workshop, 3 hands on classes over 3 months to allow work to take shape. I'm loving this project - check in to the blog again and see as the versatility of the HST gets explored!