Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Social Stitching

In the introduction to my quilting classes I always stress that making a quilt is about more than just sewing bits of fabric together. There's a kind of magical alchemy about the process of making a quilt. It's a process that takes repurposed fabrics and the memories they carry, it relies on skills from the past, and makes them into a new item, imbued with love and hope for the future. Its's a slow process, love and time and patience get expended. But most importantly for me, it always was, and still should be, a social undertaking. Its not just patching fabric, but patching societies, friends and families together too.

 I do have the best job in the world, I get to share the hobby I love and I get to see wonderful creative women take the skills they learn with me and really run with it! I was so proud to hear that the ladies from my last 'Simple Sampler : Introduction to Patchwork' class have been hard at work since our class ended before Christmas. Check out their new blog called Sew& Chat. They loved meeting up so much they've decided to make it a regular feature to enjoy each others company and share and support each others work.

Do visit their new blog and cheer them on too. Then call a sewing friend and suggest meeting for a cuppa - its the best therapy there is x