Thursday, 3 May 2012

The HexeTele Quilt

This quilt is completely made up of the offcuts of another quilt I'm still working on. That quilt uses diamonds and offcut bits in between each diamond are triangles. If you join those triangles together it gives you these hexagon shapes. This quilt is a classic example of the quilting trueism that more is more! I would have probably never chosen these combinations of print and colour but happy coincidence has created this fantastic busy colourful design. My littlest was matching triangles into hexagons one day as I struggled with the intended quilt and this pattern is what she made.

It took less than an hour to turn my scraps into 'her' quilt (although the geometry for the inset borders took at least double that!!). I added the blue chambray border, in part for extra size (as a designated 'telequilt' it needed adequate coverage for sofa based comfort!) but also as the soft chambray makes such a nice frame for the clashy pattern.

I hand quilted each hexagon ring, on the pics the edges look a bit baggy as it was pressed into action before my planned quilting in the border was completed. There has been some urgent need for sofa based warmth this spring! My plan is to return to it and complete the hex pattern into the border when summer finally makes an appearance.
The back was specially chosen, its Aneela Hoey for Modas scooter girl, we both love it, I'm sure my little girl is not alone in thinking its definitely her!