Thursday, 5 February 2015

Comic Relief Crafternoon - 12pm - 2.30pm Fri 13th March

Hello Lovely Peeps. You know by now that we love a charity coffee morning?! Well this year Comic Relief is encouraging crafty peeps to run a! We'd love to help!

What is a Crafternoon?

The lovely people in the online crafty community have got together to publish a book/mag in association with Mollie Makes magazine. This magazine ( which I want to call a book really because in my humble opinion its better value than many books for the same price!). The magazine is sold at Sainsburys or download it from iplayer or Google Play Store. It costs £7.00, of which at least £5 goes straight to Comic Relief. If you're looking for Sainsbury's stocking it check out the extensive list that avid crafters have been compiling here. I bought mine in Sainsbury's in Aylesbury Town Centre by the tills on the comic relief special stand.

This book is a gem of a book -I promise you I wanted to make more than 80% of the things in it (now!!) and I am not an easily pleased crafter when it comes to the pull of a new project! Its full of a real variety of different crafts, it's all photographed and laid out beautifully, you really will return to this little book again and again. I really highly recommend it!

At PlainStitch we will be laying on tea and cakes on the afternoon of the 13th March. For a donation come and join us and work on something from the book, or something else entirely, we don't mind! But I guarantee that if you sit next to someone needle felting a small dog or making Guinea Pigs out of felt you WILL want one TOO! Extra kudos if you turn up having crocheted your own red nose ( pattern in the book!)

Now I have a head start on you as you can see from my copious mouse collection with their extensive couture wardrobe!This pattern is in the book, much to my and my girls delight as its a pattern we have at home and have had much joy from over the years, hence all the mice ( I promise that their ears don't look quite so *astonished* in the pattern . I failed to take proper care over ear my defence I was making this one with a toddler and two infant schoolers hanging on to my chair in anticipation in those days - sew mummy sew!)

 Make your own Maileg Mouse ( shh i'm sure i'll get sued!) but really - you can! It's worth £2 and a £5 donation for this pattern alone.

Here are some other highlights from the book......

In the same vein I've always wanted to make one of these Princess and the Pea beds ( and there is a pattern for the doll to match). Can you see the little needle felted pea? Tooooo cute. 
An excuse to make 20 mini quilts? I'm in?!??

An oldie but a goody....fabric fruity pin cushions.........My friend Clare's foray into fabric strawberries recently has whet my appetite for a fabricy fruitbowl. This is my Scrappy Patchwork purse made to coordinate with my Strawberry (obviously).

 This might be my first project.

Felty Guinea Pigs with optional pattern for superman capes to match. My boy misses out on some of the sewing love in our house due to issues of 'not-cool' but this has to be a winner? Look at their faces.... adorable. I can't think of a better use of 2 hours on a Friday afternoon, can you? 

This one is purely aspirational for me. An Attic 24 crochet broach. Lucy at Attic 24 and I have been craft bloggers for years and years, starting out together when our Little People were actually Little and share a love of the Dorset coastline where both our parents live. That's where the similarity ends. She can make amazingly jaw dropping crochet loveliness. I can crochet a granny square. That's it. I know I could learn how to speak crochet ( I just learnt from my Nan so have no idea what you actually call what I do!??) I just need Lucy to come teach me!

Rock n Roll Felt Chickens. I can see Easter looking like this? What do you think? Room in your Easter plans this year for a felt chick or 20? Of course there is x

Save the date and pop in and craft with us and raise money for people who have to worry about more than felted chicks, you know. Lets do our bit xx

debs xx