Monday, 26 January 2015

Monday Makes

 We've had so much lovely new fabric in, and I needed some examples for my Hand Finished Infinity Scarf Class this weekend - well it was inevitable that I couldn't stop at one!

Infinity Scarf in Priory Square and Cotton & Steel Crosses ( little flashes of gold - love it!)

Infinity Scarf in Suffolk Garden. I adore these soft plums and damsons on a taupey background - perfect!

Infinity Scarf in Priory Square with a flash of bright pink

I'm making a fabric basket example in Suffolk Garden at my class tomorrow too!

This lovely springy scarf found an owner as soon as I'd finished sewing it! Cosy!

My Littest Person has been taking an interest in sewing lately. It's a new interest. It seems that the magic effect of Miss Stitch has even woven a sewingy-spell on my little scientist and she's started on a hexagon project! Our pre cut freezer paper hexagons are great for kids projects. Just iron them on for them and then set them loose with a fabric glue pritt stick and they are away without help!

Then today I picked up two quilts from Jenny. This is my Autumn Skies Flying Geese Quilt which I made at the last sewing Retreat Day in October. It's deliciously textured, quilted up with this modern circles design that Jenny worked up especially for me. We tried a more open circle design but it didn't quite work with the geometry of this quilt but I'm using it for another that she's working on now...I'll show you soon. 

We've tried out quite a few  lovely new designs recently so do ask to see them if you've a quilt that needs quilting soon. Jenny will be back for her spring 'residency' at The Workroom soon ( date tbc) so keep an eye out and book a spot.

The circles look lovely on the back. I'm so pleased with how this has worked out. Now to choose the binding, so many colour possibilities!

Jenny also quilted this quilt top that I made at least 6 years ago and never quite finished. It's an EPP made up of Liberty scraps left over from my Single Wedding Ring monster quilt. This quilt is the softest buttery-ist ( is that a word?) quilt you can imagine. Liberty front and back and I used our New In lightweight vintage style wadding. 

The quilting design is an all over floral design that I have used before on my Bee in My Bonnet Quilt. My Biggest Girl has been promised this quilt so she chose the pattern. It looks lovely, v girly but grown up. 

In my quest to have no WIP (work in progress) projects hanging about I have dropped off another two quilts with Jenny. I'll share those in a few weeks too. It's a good job that I do like binding as I think I'm going to be kept busy! 

Did you get any Monday Making done?