Sunday, 7 December 2014

Julia's Notion Of The Month: Heat Press Batting Tape

Hello, it's Julia here again with my Notion of the Month - it's a tough job but I just LOVE it!

Well, this month this new notion couldn't have arrived in the PlainStitch ShopRoom at a better time! I had just been battling to zigzag stitch some cotton wadding pieces together for my EPP quilt.  I had so many bits in the cupboard it seemed a real waste to chuck them out and I really didn't want to have to buy another big piece of wadding in the run up to Xmas!

The zigzag method on my machine had been tricky and not at all satisfactory as a slight pull on the wadding caused the seam to pucker or gape and when finished I didn't feel the seam was particularly strong or flat, and worried that it would be noticeable when I came to quilt it up which would be a disaster after all that EPP work!

 The Heat Press Batting Tape is £7 for a really good size roll and it took me less than a minute to achieve a much better result. I was piecing cotton batting so followed the instructions and set my iron to Wool setting , lined up two pieces of wadding to be joined on my ironing board , cut a piece of tape and laid it over the join and a quick press of the iron and job done!! Amazing. I repeated this method on the back and the result was very satisfying, a super strong flat seam, no bumps no gaps or ridges and soo quick to do. I'm confident you'll have an invisible join when your quilt is layered up too.

VERY PLEASED indeed, I highly recommend having a go. You'll be amazed how those bits of wadding add up to a decent quilt size :).....every little helps this time of year! love Julia x