Sunday, 23 November 2014

What do Quilters Really Want for Christmas?

Now, you might want to leave this page open on your tablet for any other significant pressie buyers to 'stumble across' over the next few weeks............

It's inevitable that we all receive a few bum pressies every now and then? A family member who just get's its wrong despite the best intentions? Somehow when you are a crafter and have a hobby you find this all the more inexplicable because;  'I'm so easy to buy for' we wail. Except if you look into another's hobby it's a complex vortex of present buying anxiety......'What are all the things for? What do they already have?' It's hard to buy a good pressie.

We've been helping lots of worried present buyers this week. To help out this is my definitive list of what all quilters always want to find under the Christmas tree!

1. Fabric. Always fabric. If in doubt buy a bundle. A perfectly coordinated bundle of fabric fat quarters will always be gratefully received. Either choose by colour (every quilter has a running 'my stash is short of...' mental list) or pick a well chosen pile of 'New In' fabrics. We all love to show off our latest stash additions!

2. Rulers. Rulers are expensive. They're harder to justify for ourselves, but if someone buys them for you...yay! 12.5inch square is a popular gift -so useful! So are smaller rulers, the 6.5" square or the 2.5" by 12.5" are also really popular stocking fillers.

3. Posh scissors. Like rulers they are a luxury buy for ourselves but a pair as a pressie are a sure fire winner. Think dressmaking shears and pinking shears for maximum 'darling you shouldn't have' effect! Or go for the little golden stork heirloom embroidery scissor as a stocking filler.

4. Clover Wonderclips. You can never have too many! They are so useful for everything. You always wish you had a few more. Buy the jumbo pack for a very happy present day!

5. Bag Handles/Lampshade Kit etc. Buying someone the constituent parts for a make is unsaid permission for them to shop for the fabric for it too! yay! Permission to craft!

6. Wooden quilting hoop. OK so even if maybe you aren't a regular hand quilter, owning a perfectly polished beechwood hoop is one of lifes tactile pleasures. Hell, it looks lovely in your sewing room/corner too and wraps up a treat. Who doesn't love an interesting shaped pressie?!

7. Colourful gadgets. Magnetic pin cushions are always a winner. New in;  funky wrist pin cushions, my daughter is desperate for a pink one!

8. Vouchers! You can't beat a fabric store voucher for feel good pressie joy. You're basically just saying 'Go to the store and get whatever you fancy'......hip hip hooray. Guilt free shopping

I hope you all get what you want for Christmas! Send them our way, and our elves will help you out xx