Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Warning: Christmassy Overload : Fabric Christmas Wreaths Class

Seriously - do not open this post within eyesight of children. Don't say I didn't warn you.....it will definitely detonate high pitched squealing, general jumping about on the furniture and Noddy Holder style 'it's chrriiistmas' style singing.

Oh, just look at this feast of lovely Christmassyness! Victoria ( usually known as Miss Stitch!) helped hordes of lovely ladies to make all these gorgeous festive wreaths! What a fabulous day in the Workroom.

Whilst all this felty, wooly balled loveliness was happening in The Workroom the ShopRoom was a humm with Shop Hoppers, erm hopping. All in all it was a creative maelstrom, just how I love it to be at PlainStitch.

Aren't they lovely?

These mittens are too cute.

Loving some on-trend purple Christmassyness.

Gingham ribbon always looks lovely.

Look - gorgeous silver frosty wreaths. Perfect for this crisp weather. 

I can highly recommend spending a Saturday afternoon cutting and sticking, playing with ribbon, felt and fabric.It's definitely better for the well being than fighting the crowds Christmas shopping!