Sunday, 5 October 2014

Autumn Skies and Flying Geese

The weather has turned decidedly chilly, we've lit the fire, the garden is starting to look bare and leafy and there was a frost early this morning when I walked out to the field with the dogs. This weekend I have made a start on my Flying Geese Quilt. It feels right in this weather. Birds starting to flock in the trees and my pile of flying geese slowly slowly growing. I've been working on my Arendelle Quilt for a few months, slow hand pieced appliqué - so I'm ready for a change. You do need to be in the mood for this kind of block construction, the repetitive nature of it is quite soothing in the right frame of mind; press, fold, measure, cut, draw, sew, cut, sew and press again. I've been battling ( and succumbing to!) a nasty cold all week and in the rain of Saturday this was just the tonic I needed for feeble recuperation! You can't beat the appeal of a new project, piles of fabric all freshly cut and ready to be pieced. I feel better already. Plus I have a new favourite tool ( thank you Netty!). I've ordered some in for the shop this week - love them! They draw a teeny little super thin accurate line of chalk using a rotating wheel. Sounds clunky but in reality is a dream to use. I've been using it for drawing my sewing line of my flying geese units but it will also be great for dressmakers, marking quilt tops, hems - so many applications. My new favourite toy in blue, pink or white this week at The Workroom!

I'm planning to work on this project at the Retreat Day on the 18th Oct. I'm so looking forward to an uninterrupted day of sewing - what a treat. I should mention we have 2 spaces opened up due to various family/health type issues so if you'd like to join us drop me an e mail, it's at Buckland Hall and is from 10am - 7pm all catered so just bring your sewing and relax and be spoilt!

Waking to frosty mornings and glinting cobwebs reminds me I should also say after a coupleof changes we have a couple of spaces for Halloween Hairbands for Miss Stitchers next Sat 11th at 10.30am if you want to get ahead on your Halloween costuming - we also have lots of lovely Halloween fabrics if you're doing a diy costume or just fancy running up a bit of Halloween inspired decoration - I love this cushion by Amy at Diary of a Quilter - follow this link for her great tutorial of how to make it - I really want to make one, I love the idea of seasonal cushions to change to!

If you're a Miss Stitcher do start to think about which classes you'd like to take going forward if you haven't already, Nov, Dec and Jan are looking very busy already.

We're adding to our repertoire of haberdashery at The Workroom as we roll out our dressmaking classes. This Friday our Dressmaking for Girls Beginners Class kicked off with much exciting fabric comparing and pattern manipulation. We've added Gutermann Sew All to our thread selection - its' the thread of choice for dressmakers due to the huge range of colours. 

Our Machine Embroiderers this week were also playing with different Gutermann colours to great effect - loving chocolate browns and aubergines for this. If you'd like to take our dessmaking or machine embroidery classes in Jan do check out the details on the new classes page for 2015 as both classes are filling up at a rate of knots .

Last of all we have been busy working on our bundle selection this week. Helen and Claire have been busy working their colour magic to make lots of enticing colour combinations. As ever our 5 FQ bundles retail at £15 which makes them really great value too if you're building your stash or looking for a pressie for a friend.

Phew - so much happens in a week at The Workroom! This week it all happens again - we have our Simple Sampler Reunion on Tuesday at St Anne's from 9.30am, then new Get To Know Your Sewing Machine students, Patchwork Cushions kicking off and another class in progress, our Autumn English Paper Piecing class comes together again so we'll see first progress on those projects - can't wait for that! Then round out the week with Halloween Hairbands and our fab little girl sewers. It's another jam packed creative week of sewing! Perfect! Ward off the Autumn blues and come and sew with us too x